Find the fuel that lights the spark

Ignition! uses a combination of coaching, training, conversation and exploration to empower young people to find their true spark in life.


A Traveller Guide coach will help young Travellers to find their fuel and discover their purpose. The right fuel gives young people the key to understanding what they are doing and why. Only they will know what’s right for them, but through the Ignition! programme, they can build their confidence, boost self-worth and get to grips with a clear vision and direction when making decisions in life.

Nova pump



Nova is a fast paced Fuel and full of life. People who thrive on Nova Fuel have lots of ideas, a creative imagination and love to invent or innovate. 


They will be spontaneous but not the best at timing. They change their mind often and find themselves deviating from plans, but they are big picture thinkers. Novas always look on the bright side but sometimes they might think they can achieve more than they can in the given amount of time. They are an inspiration to those around them and they love to get new things started, but can be impatient. Novas might not necessarily get these same things finished as the novelty wears off if progress takes too long and they lose inspiration. 

They are happy when…

Expressing creativity0%
Starting something new0%

And not so happy when…

Expectations have not been met0%
They’re waiting for things to get done0%
Detail is required0%
Think Nova is your Fuel?

Exuberant Fuel


Exuberant Fuel creates warmth, friendliness and passion alongside a bit of fire. People who need Exuberant Fuel are people-people. They love being around people and are fantastic at building teams, encouraging and motivating others, and seeing the potential in individuals. They will love having fun and entertaining especially if there’s lots of variety to try something new, enjoy a new experience or meet new people. Exuberants may well talk more than they listen and often seek the opinions of others before making their own decision because they value feedback – just so long as they don’t get confused!

They are happy when…

They’re part of a team0%
They’re motivating people0%
There’s lots of variety0%

And not so happy when…

They’re stuck inside and alone0%
Routine is needed0%
Detailed calculations are required0%
Think Exuberant is your Fuel?

Sensational Fuel


Sensational Fuel is grounded and down to earth. 


People who flourish with Sensational Fuel will love to be engaged in activity, but they can get lost along the way. They focus on getting things done and are great at keeping everyone on track and on time, but they can’t be rushed because they will feel out of their comfort zone. Sensationals need to take time to plan and prepare. They rely on their senses to navigate their world and are a great judge of character and in sensing how others feel. They enjoy taking care of people and making sure they feel valued.

They are happy when…

They’re taking care of people0%
Being engaged in activity0%
Planning and preparing0%

And not so happy when…

Speaking in public0%
Strategically planning0%
Think Sensational is your Fuel?
Wise fuel

Wise Fuel


Wise Fuel is cautious and self-sufficient. People who need Wise Fuel love to take care of the details and are often very wary. They need to know the process, structure and facts, and everything needs to make sense. They need certainty about what needs to be done and how it is to be done and they do not like chaos, spontaneity or pointless chitchat. Wises will usually consider the detail before people and feel uncomfortable in a large social environment, preferring to create a safe, quiet and secure private space.

They are happy when…

Diving in to the detail0%
Working through facts and figures0%
Analysing data and systems0%

And not so happy when…

Meeting new people0%
Making small talk0%
Faced with uncertainty0%
Think Wise is your Fuel?


The first Ignition! session is all about defining a personality Traveller profile and the Fuel that gives them energy. A Traveller Guide will also go through this process to embed a deeper understanding of the concept of what makes us all tick. Mood, circumstances, age and background can play a huge role in defining a personality profile, which is why Ignition! is designed to be flexible. The bespoke experience will only commence if a Traveller buys into the characteristics of their profile.

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