Meet the Ignition!™ Traveller Profile Types

The Ignition! Programme has eight Traveller personality profiles. The Traveller Check-in at the start of the programme will help young people to discover which profile they are best suited to. Once the correct profile has been selected a tailored Ignition! Journey can be designed.

IGNITION Astronaut personality profile icons

The Astronaut


The Astronaut loves to blast off a million miles an hour into a creative space where they can look down on the world with a great overview and perspective. Head in the clouds, they have a vivid imagination and love to start things, but they are not so great at finishing things. They are impatient, impetuous and spontaneous.

They are happy when…
Creating something from scratch0%
Developing new ideas0%
Having big dreams0%
And not so happy when…
Meticulous detail is needed0%
Sticking to a plan0%
Carrying out monotonous tasks0%
Ignition Pilot personality profile icons

The Pilot


A Pilot profile will indicate the love to travel fast and be up front in the cockpit, leading the way. They will take the microphone to inform the passengers on board all about the experience they are about to have, and will shine a light on the crew and the airline over and over again in order to build loyalty.

They are happy when…
Influencing others0%
Presenting ideas0%
Promoting something new0%
And not so happy when…
Stuck in the background0%
Researching the finer details0%
Organising the data0%
Ignition Captain personality profile icons

The Captain


A person with the Captain profile will be great at bringing together the right crew. They love to cheer the crew on, motivate them to do a great job and bring out the best in everyone. The Captain is sociable and enjoys making sure that all passengers are entertained, having a great time and participating in something different every day. Being with lots of people is effortless for the Captain.

They are happy when…
Leading a team0%
Cheering people on0%
Meeting new people0%
And not so happy when…
Alone for too long0%
Doing monotonous tasks0%
Analysing or creating spreadsheets0%
Ignition Ambassador personality profile icons

The Ambassador


A person with an Ambassador profile will go out to meet, greet and connect with people. Engaging, approachable and entertaining, they will smooth the way for others to get along amicably. Ambassadors are the peacekeeper, negotiator, facilitator, event organiser and will bring harmony.

They are happy when…
Getting to know lots of people0%
Connecting people0%
Getting a good deal0%
And not so happy when…
Dealing with conflict0%
Speaking in front of large groups0%
Feeling isolated0%
The Expedition Leader personality profile icons

The Expedition Leader


An Expedition Leader profile will indicate a need to ensure that planning for the trip is thorough. They will put together the itinerary to make sure everyone is doing the right thing at the right time and are in the right place for the right price. They will ensure that everything is fair, that people are taken great care of and are having a wonderful time.

They are happy when…
Taking care of people0%
Ensuring things are fair0%
Organising events0%
And not so happy when…
Creating something new0%
Feeling unfairly treated0%
Unable to follow the plan0%
Ignition Navigator personality profile icons

The Navigator


A person with a Navigator profile will be the most cautious of all the Travellers. They will do their research, check back for historic problems and will look ahead to make sure all hazards are avoided in the future. They are organised, reliable and happy to be in the background working on tasks, managing projects and making sure the right systems are put in place by the right people at the right time.

They are happy when…
Working in the background0%
Finding problems before they happen0%
And not so happy when…
Put in the spotlight0%
Speaking in front of large crowds0%
Being spontaneous0%
Air Traffic Controller personality profile icons

The Air Traffic Controller


An Air Traffic Controller profile will indicate a love taking care of the data, detail, processes, procedures, structure and logistics to ensure that flights are safe in the air and that they land in one piece. They are meticulous in their attention to detail and like things to be logical and make sense. They have little time for small talk and chitchat, and often feel uncomfortable in crowds of people they don’t know. 

They are happy when…
Diving into the detail0%
Analysing facts and figures0%
Dealing with data and systems0%
And not so happy when…
Meeting new people0%
Feeling uncertain0%
Making small talk0%
Ignition Engineer personality profile icons

The Engineer


An Engineer profile indicates the love to fix things. They are the travellers who keep all of the vehicles, systems and processes running smoothly and efficiently. They are perfectionists and cannot help but tweak things, make small changes and maximise potential. They just have to improve whatever they get their hands on and make it even better.

They are happy when…
Fixing things0%
Making things more efficient0%
Improving systems and processes0%
And not so happy when…
Deadlines are required0%
Dealing with emotions0%
Tasked with long-term projects0%
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