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Making a difference in the lives of young people is so needed, but where on earth do you begin?


If you are anything like me, trying to figure out where to start and where you want to go frustrates you. I just knew I was passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of the young people around me who were struggling with so many aspects of modern, digital life. If you’re looking to find the best methods, skills, strategies, empowerment processes and coaching skills to impact and encourage our youth … that’s also fun, engaging, quirky and playful, then you’re in the right place. Transformation can be huge fun and seeing a young life light up along the way is just what you want out of a career.

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Becoming an Ignition Travel Guide

An Ignition! Travel Guide is the perfect career choice if you want to work with young people and use deep dive interactive methods in a 1-2-1 coaching capacity or by running group sessions. Guiding young people through their Ignition! Journey is important, which is why Ignition! coaches are called Travel Guides.


Training resources include experiential learning, teamwork exercises, presentation skills and fun activities. By the end of your chosen Ignition! training programme you will be a confident certified Travel Guide in using the Ignition! Coaching and Training Pathway to mentor individuals and organise group events. You’ll learn all about Fuel personality profiles, Traveller profiles and how to empower young people to shine in the world. You’ll guide them along a positive path no matter where their Journey has taken them to date or what life has thrown their way. 


As a qualified Travel Guide, you will receive an individual login to the Ignition! Platform, free Spark to Success invitations and full Passport access for all your Traveller clients. 


Platform features and support tools are plentiful to keep sessions fresh and flexible.

  • Group chats
  • Newsletters
  • Community webinars
  • Marketing materials
  • Group mentoring
  • On-going mini training resources
  • New games and exercises

Individual mentoring from a Master Trainer is also available when needed.


Routes to become a coach

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Your Route as an Individual


If you are a coach, youth worker or teacher with experience of working with young people you probably want to make a big impact. Even if you don’t have formal training but are someone who is passionate about making a difference to the lives of young people, then becoming an Ignition! Travel Guide could be your next career move. If you want to invest in a tried and tested programme that offers a clear and engaging framework to follow with a big bag of inspiring tools and games, then book onto one of the Ignition! training programmes. 


There are three ways to invest in the training. 

  1. Face-to-face
  2. Live webinar delivery
  3. Online training
Ignition training for groups

Your Route as Group or Organisation


If your organisation is already working with young people and you are looking to add a programme that brings a refreshing new and proven approach to empower young people, Ignition! fits the bill. Training programmes can be booked in-house for your team or as individual delegates at one of our open programmes across the UK. Either option will deliver full interactive training in a classroom setting and provide access to the Ignition! Platform, mentor support and all practical resources. 

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If circumstances won’t allow you to attend an open course, face-to-face training or a scheduled webinar, the Ignition! online training will give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and in your own time. Sign up, log in and work through the modules in bite-sized chunks when it suits you. You will still benefit from connecting with a mentor as you progress through the modules to ensure that you get the most from the training and are fuelled up and ready to go!

Gain CPD Points during Ignition! training

Ignition! coaches will be able to claim 24 CPD hours on completion of the Travel Guide training.


Were you born to inspire and nurture others?

Helping others is in your DNA, but do you sometimes wonder whether your approach is the right one? Perhaps you feel as though you need a proven framework to follow or a bit of structure to put your mind at ease. This is exactly what the Ignition! Coaching Programme offers to all Travel Guides. 



Only you will know this, but soon you will have the tools to improve your quest in helping those around you by leading, learning and communicating a sense of true purpose.


Create Travel Guides in your area or business

Master Trainer

Master Trainers have worked their way up through the ranks and have extensive experience of delivering the Ignition! system first hand. They receive additional training to become accredited as a Master Trainer and can certify Ignition! Travel Guides for their own organisations or in their own regions. Master Trainers have the same benefits as other membership levels plus additional support for marketing, administration, course content and personal coaching from TeeJay Dowe, the creator of Ignition!

National Leader

A National Leader is an Ignition! partner who helps to grow, support and develop teams in their own country. They will join Ignition! HQ in liaising at a strategic level with education, youth organisations and government bodies in order to empower even more young people to discover their greatness through the Ignition! Journey.

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