The Career Ready Programme

Designed for young adults aged seventeen to twenty-five years old who are currently at college, university, have recently left fulltime education or are struggling to secure a job. This two-day programme provides a framework in which to develop a clear sense of self-identity and seeks to discover what each Travellers individual natural strengths and talents are. This process helps to illustrate what career roles these talents, combined with their personality, would be most suited to.

The programme begins with each Traveller identifying what is blocking them from gaining their ideal job or career role right now. A guided process of self-discovery helps each young person to identify who they are over the next few days so that they can confidently fill in an application form with more honesty and insight by applying their strengths and challenges.


The programme will consider:

  • The value brought to an employer as an individual and to a team 
  • How to answer questions confidently and with integrity during an interview
  • How to communicate effectively in an interview and in the workplace
  • How to improve presentation skills and confidence


As part of the Career Ready Programme, each Traveller have the opportunity to take part in solving a real business problem for a local company and apply their skills so that they have an experience to talk about in the interview. There will be a chance for each Traveller to present their project experience to the group to build their confidence. 

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