Ignition! Survive and Thrive Through Exam Stress!

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This exam survival kit will empower young people to do their best, be less stressed and stay in control of their world whilst revising and sitting exams. Ideal for teenagers from fourteen years to university students, the guide sets the learner up to win with a can-do attitude.


What is the kit?

This comprehensive guide is insightful, interactive and written for all learning styles. Practical tips are provided on health and wellbeing as well as techniques to manage your mind, improve learning and the ability to remember. The kit encourages individuals who are about to sit their exams to imagine life after the assessments and put things into perspective. This enables students to plan for success and to learn more effectively. 


How to use the kit

The Survive and Thrive through Exam Stress Guide can be used as part of the Ignition! Coaching programme for Travel Guide Coaches and their Traveller learners. It provides a proven structure to follow with techniques to build the learning experience, resilience and positive emotional intelligence. Always reward yourself after learning sessions and be kind to yourself.