My Why and My Purpose

So there I stood in a conference room in Bali in November 2012, suddenly faced with a tough decision. Confronted by the organizer of the course to choose what business was I going to focus on my unconscious mind suddenly blurted out “Young People!” I have to say that in that moment even I was a bit taken by surprise! And as she asked me to explain to the room why young people I was also waiting to hear the answer. It was the most bizarre thing, like observing myself and listening to me as my mouth opened and the words just flowed from my heart and I heard it along with everyone else!


My Why

Well – you know, I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, jumper and overcoat in terms of my journey with a lack of confidence and self-worth. From the age of just 4 years old I truly believed I was not good enough and have experienced first hand the devastating impact that that has on your decisions throughout your life. Settling for second best, feeling second rate, a recipe for disaster and mediocrity. I took a job instead of a career, bullied at work, single parent at 19, string of failed relationships, I found my escape by being emotionally numb and just got through each day. That is until Life intervened and gave me a wake-up call and I changed the question “Am I good enough yet?” to a statement “Damn right I’m good enough!!”

Young People around the world are facing the biggest crisis ever in confidence & self-worth – more so than any other generation. As the number of single-parent families continues to & the family home is a place to sleep vs spend time together. We are third generation of losing parenting skills. We have parents who want to be friends with their children because they are afraid that if they discipline them they will not be loved. Discipline means I love you enough to say no, set boundaries.

The pressure on our young people to be perfect, beautiful, intelligent, sporty, all-rounders, academic, fit in is more than ever before with the pace at which information goes viral across the internet puts pressure on our young people.

Teens pregnancies in their 1000s, eating disorders the 3rd most common chronic illness in teen girls, more children than ever being statemented, diagnosed with all sorts & medicated & yet still unhappy, turning to alcohol & drug abuse, self-harm, gangs for solice and a cry for help.

Young people taught in a way that they do not learn, falling through the cracks of our education systems, or getting through the system to the tough reality of employment, or lack of it, & the numerous issues of employability knocking what’s left of their confidence and self-worth.


Need I go on?

These young people are not only our future leaders, they are our future parents & role models. The pain & impact of low confidence & self esteem has to stop. Be reversed. We need to empower young people to discover who they are & what they are here for, truly.


My Purpose

Purpose from that day in November 2012 has been and will continue to be The Global Transformation of Confidence and Self Worth in Young People.


My Mission

To impact the lives of 10 million Young people worldwide so that they can make better-informed decisions about their future careers, livelihoods, and relationships. To give them tools to be the VERY best they can be and KNOW that they are Good Enough!

For me, it was time to stand and be counted.

If you would like to know more about the work I’m doing and how you can join me in this mission then please call me on +44330 100 2823 or email me

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