Ignition! Incantation Cards

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Empower yourself and feel uplifting emotions from this set of thirty charming cards that inspire and energise your mood. Use them to help focus your mind or as a bit of fun as an icebreaker exercise.

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What are the Ignition! Incantation Cards?

Each card contains a different incantation, but all are designed to help to change the way you feel for the better. The powerful words keep you focused on your goals and build your self-worth.

The beautiful set of quality cards comprises a mix of short and long incantations, some well known and others more distinct. Choose your favourite incantations to memorise and repeat them regularly to gain positive behaviours or pick a new one every day.


How to use the Incantation Cards

The cards can be used on your own, as part of a 1-2-1 personal development coaching journey, or within a group to explore behaviours and emotions. 

The incantations can be shared and discussed to help reinforce their meaning to you as an individual or as a group. Pick the incantation that means the most to you at the time and use it to help you get in flow with your own unique talents and identity.