Ignition! Magnificent Me! Cards

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Set yourself up for the day with these superb affirmation cards that offer a fun way to boost confidence and self-worth every morning. The cards are easy to pack away and use anywhere  – at home, whilst in school or on holiday. 


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What are the Magnificent Me! cards?

The thirty-two Magnificent Me! cards are great to play with family and friends, in the classroom, or as part of a youth club or community group. The cards are suitable for all ages.


Each card has an ‘I am’ statement and a ‘who is?’ question. The cards are shared equally and the player with the card reads out their statement and includes a reason why they are ‘beautiful’ or ‘honest’ or ‘brilliant’ (as an example) before asking the ‘who is?’ question.


The Magnificent Me! cards allow you to stop and recognise that you are awesome and highlight the natural gifts and talents that you bring to those around you. They provide a reminder of the resources you have inside you and help to strengthen your confidence and self-worth.


How to use the cards

Gather your players together, shuffle cards then deal them out. Decide who goes first by choosing the oldest, youngest, first name alphabetically or whatever fun way you choose.


The first player reads out their card and answers it using their own ‘I am’ statement before asking the rest of the group the ‘who is?’ question. The person with the answer to the question reads it out with an example of why they are this.


For example “Who is Creative?”

“I am Creative because I love drawing”


The player then asks the question on the bottom of that card to the group. The game continues until everyone has read all of their cards. When all of the cards have been shared it’s a good idea for the players to keep their cards and write on the back of them to remind them of how magnificent they are.