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Andrew the Architect!


Following a conversation with a colleague of mine in York, Rosie contacted me via LinkedIn. She was appalled by the lack of careers advice available in school as her son was trying to decide what courses he wanted to take in college. She had remarked “There should be a personality profile for young people that helps them to know who they are so they can find what careers would be best for them.” My friend said “You need to speak to TeeJay!”


Andrew is 15 and loves maths and physics. He’s doing his GCSE’s and thinking ahead to college but other than thinking that architecture sounded quite interesting, didn’t know what to do. Mum was concerned that he was choosing architecture as he didn’t seem to be interested in buildings and asked could I help?


Andrew took the Check In and came out as an Engineer profile, or Traveller as we call them. Engineers love to be creative around projects, process and systems. They like to take something that already exists and improve it, maximise it, make it more effective, more efficient, better, faster, stronger! During our conversation as we explored the Fuels, Flow and the attributes of an Engineer it became very clear to both of us that he was indeed and Engineer.


When I asked him why he liked the idea of becoming an architect he said:  “I’d like to take the ideas that the client already has about what they want the building to be like, then go away and make their ideas into something even better for them. I want to turn their ideas in to something that they will be really happy with and that will live in the world for people to see and I can be proud of.”


Haha! So Engineer! 


He came off the call reassured about who he is and why he shows up in the world the way he does, excited that he had made a good choice if he decides to pursue that and knowing that if he follows his flow and takes college classes that he loves and finds effortless then he will excel and be happy in his chosen field. 

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