Hi, I’m Karen Bonanno a certified Ignition trainer and coach based in Australia. 

I had a 12 year old client come to me for help with her confidence and self-worth. She told me she didn’t really believe in herself. She’s quite shy and also pretty anxious about how things are going at school. She felt she wasn’t getting the results that she wanted and also, she really didn’t believe that she had the skills to achieve anything.

Her traveller type is air-traffic controller; now this means she is into the detail, likes to be organised and in control but may be a little cautious and also worries a bit about the detail. As a result of the training she got the clarity on the unique skills that she has as an air traffic controller, especially in the way that she can learn at her best.

Her parting comment to me was, “I now know I need to concentrate on my wide strengths”. So it was great to see the results, and great to see the confidence grow in this young 12 year old

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