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Karen Bonanno Ignition! CoachKaren Bonanno believes every young person has the right to be successful. She is passionate about igniting the genius in every child to help them to discover their inspiring future. Helping tweens discover their ‘bright spark’ is a core component of the work she is involved in. This provides a great foundation on which to build essential skills to help them develop the confidence to step up and engage with the world around them and to be more on purpose with the direction they take for their future.


Karen is an educator and Certified Ignition Trainer and Coach based in Australia. Before starting her training and coaching business, Karen spent sixteen years as an education advisor and high school teacher librarian with the Queensland Department of Education. After a successful career working within the educator sector and with professional education associations, Karen now works with teachers, tweens and their families to help them discover their unique strengths and capabilities.

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