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TWMAD are passionate about working with young people and creating positive attitudes amongst our future generations. At TWMAD we have created a wide array of services all designed to unlock the huge potential and imagination that ALL youngsters have. TWMAD are here to provide young people with positive role models, guidance, support and tools to help them to succeed and to be the best they can be.


TWMAD is working with Schools, alternative education providers and engaging with many vulnerable young people in our communities.


We also work with parents, carers & elderly family members who need support in supporting their young loved ones who they feel may be going off the rails or facing emotional wellbeing issues.


There is a huge number of challenges and barriers which our future generations are having to deal with throughout their adolescence. Unfortunately, many of these youngsters are unprepared and struggling to cope. The number of young people experiencing mental distress, such as depression, anxiety, & low confidence is growing.


TWMAD is hugely concerned about the amount of young people who are lacking self-belief and motivation. They are becoming disillusioned and this is resulting in more and more youngsters being drawn to more negative behaviours, leaving them on the periphery of crime and involved in drug abuse, knife crime, Gangs and other Anti Social Behaviours.


Our services are person centred and are focused around helping young people to take control of their identity, attitude and inspiring them to become ready to give 100% every day to ensure that they can to go on to lead a happy, and successful life.

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