Make a Magical Memory Jar

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A Magical Memory Jar is a place to store all the magic moments, fun memories and kind things that happen each day. Think of it as a positive accomplishment vault where good vibes and memories can be taken out in a moment of needing to spread positive thoughts.


What is a Magical Memory Jar?

This PDF download contains the instructions, label and memory slips to make your own Magical Memory Jar. The act of writing down memories and saving them in a clear jar is habit forming and will act as a pick-me-up when you’re feeling down in the dumps. This activity is ideal for any age, but is especially powerful for children and young adults to learn to be empowered and to celebrate achievements. 


How to use a Magical Memory Jar

A memory jar can be created on your own or as part of a classroom, community group or youth club activity. Younger children will need help and guidance to write, cut out and attach the labels to a jar. Find a suitable jar, preferably clear glass and wash it clean. Print out or write the labels, using coloured paper, pens and stickers and dress the jar. Add a few memories together then create a habit to add regular achievements, notes about new adventures and exciting experiences to the jar. Aim for one per day if you can then look back over all of the amazing things accomplished. Reminisce the good times and emotions of the events, and recreate uplifting feelings. Use the memory jar as part of a daily gratitude process.