Ignition! Wheel of Life

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This A4 PDF can be printed off and used as a tool by Ignition! Travel Guide Coaches for Travellers at the start of their Journey or to plot progress and improvements throughout all areas of their life.



The Ignition! Wheel of Life is ideal for older teens and young adults who want to assess their current situation and see what parts of their life are a little off course and need focus to get back on track.


What is the Wheel of Life?

The Wheel of Life is designed as a goal setting exercise to evaluate how content you are with the eight main areas of life using a one to ten scoring system. The tool can be used in a group setting, during a 1-2-1 coaching session or considered on an individual basis.


How to use the Wheel of Life

An Ignition! Travel Guide Coach will use the Wheel of Life to plan for coaching sessions with Travellers. It can be seen as a benchmarking tool that can be revisited to reassess key points throughout their Ignition! Journey. 


The tool will help individuals to identify the areas of life that need improving and can help guide future sessions so that Travellers gain the most benefit. The Wheel of Life can also be used as a reflective exercise to acknowledge progress.